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Zhanna Tolmacheva
Campus Mülheim

Duisburger Str. 100 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr


MBA - Global Management/ HR

Academic Degree
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Standard period of study
4 Semester
Study start
Admission restriction
Subject area
Fachbereich 2
Institute of Business Administration
Study location
Mülheim an der Ruhr


Make your way to the executive floor! With the MBA Global Management/HR, you can round off your previous career in the HR sector with an academic degree. Cross the threshold into operational and strategic management with HR responsibility. As a graduate, you will be ready for a challenging job as a manager.

What you can expect

What can you expect from the MBA program?

  • Part-time and flexible study program
  • Linking own experiences with study content
  • Practical training on a modern campus

Individual learning with various forms of teaching and examinations makes it easier to combine work and study. As academics with professional experience, you will be able to manage and further develop the current requirements of national and international companies with innovative approaches.

Programme content

  • Modules in German and English
  • Leadership and Global Management
  • Examination regulations, module handbook & study plan

What do you learn?

This continuing education course will enable you to take on HR responsibility in middle management. You will deepen your knowledge of HR-related topics such as artificial intelligence, global management and digital leadership and learn about international business models.

This will help you in your studies:

Enjoy scientific reflection on your personal professional experience. You should also have the following:

  •  Knowledge of English to follow the English modules
  •  Enjoy academic discourse
  • Personal initiative and self-discipline

Admission requirements are on the one hand the completion of a professionally qualifying degree (e.g. Bachelor's degree) and on the other hand qualified practical professional experience of (as a rule) not less than one year.

Dein Studienverlauf

Corporate Finance

6 Credits

Entrepreneurship/Design Thinking

6 Credits

Global Management (English)

6 Credits

Artificial intelligence for HR

6 Credits

Demography, labour markets and social systems

6 Credits

Digital Leadership (English)

6 Credits

Communication management and organisational psychology basics

6 Credits

Human Resources Management (advanced)

6 Credits

Labour law

6 Credits

Intercultural Management (English)

6 Credits

This course aims at creating a deeper understanding of cultural theories and a successful intercultural communication at a management level. Students will learn how to act in intercultural situations by applying important competencies that are needed for developing intercultural competence. Furthermore, intercultural negotiations as are applied in case studies to simulate a form of intercultural communication.

International digital business models

6 Credits

Leadership and Change management

6 Credits


3 Credits

Master thesis

15 Credits

What you need to bring along

  • Completion of a professionally qualifying degree in the field of business administration.
  • A total of at least 210 credits from the Bachelor's degree program
  • For degrees with 180 credits, proof of additional credits equivalent to a Bachelor's degree amounting to 30 credits is required.
  • After the first degree, qualified practical professional experience of generally at least one year is expected.
  • Free of admission

Application process

The application phase for the approval-free Master’s degree programmes for the coming winter semester begins on 01. June 2024 and ends on 15. September 2024. Applications can only be submitted online via our application portal.

If you have any questions, please contact the application support team.

Part-time study program

A part-time degree, regardless of the route taken, is held in high regard by employers.

It signals a high level of commitment, resilience, ambition and successful time management.

In addition, there are the professional qualifications that you acquire through a university degree and the key qualifications that you acquire through such a degree.

All of this predestines you to take on management tasks.

  • The course is designed to be taken alongside work. Employees are also available to the company during the study period. The knowledge that students acquire alongside their career is directly applicable, resulting in new impulses for your company. Specific questions from the company can be dealt with during the course, e.g. in term papers or as part of the Master's thesis.
  • An MBA program prepares students for management positions and thus contributes to successful talent management within the company.
  • In its orientation as an MBA joint degree program, the course focuses on the increasingly demanding personnel development strategies of companies.
  • The degree program is aimed at practitioners with professional experience who want to expand their knowledge of practice-oriented management skills.
  • Graduates of the "MBA Global Management/HR (combined degree programme)" are experienced academics who have the knowledge to manage, restructure and further develop the current requirements of personnel realignment, digitalization, changing values, demographic development and globalization in the HR area of national and international companies with innovative approaches.
  • The focus is on the reflection and implementation of personal experiences from the students' professional practice as well as the identification of optimization potential in previous professional practice. Students are trained to solve challenges in the context of a management position in a company. The aim of the course is to qualify experienced students as future decision-makers by academizing their personal professional experience and enabling them to apply their analytical and methodological skills appropriately.
  • In addition to the technical, social, leadership and methodological skills required to manage a commercially operating company, students are familiarized with the special features of corporate management and the optimization of human capital in an internationally operating organization. This enables graduates to grasp, evaluate and reduce the complexity of economic and cultural, internal and external company factors and to use these strategically in such a way that markets can be developed in a profit-oriented manner.
  • The complete Master of Business Administration course in standard study time costs 6,960 euros. 1,740 euros must be paid before the start of each semester. In addition, there are material purchase fees and the semester fee (contribution to the student body, social contribution, semester (VRR) and NRW ticket). All information can be found in our fee schedule and in the enrollment documents.

What the alumnis say


"A strong practical focus, a good selection of modules in terms of content, geared towards jobs and activities as a manager. In our small study groups, there is a lively exchange with fellow students and lecturers. The part-time course complements my first engineering degree. And - not to be underestimated - the central location of the campus in Mülheim. Easily accessible by car and public transport. That's why I'm studying the MBA Global Management / HR at HRW."

 Janosch Valyo

Our answers to the most important questions

In principle, MBA programs are attractive for all managers and junior staff who do not have an economic education. The course is also attractive for business graduates who want to deepen their education or bring it up to date with the latest scientific developments. The weekend model makes the MBA ideal for part-time study.

MBA graduates are generalists who qualify for general management positions in companies of all kinds. The students' professional experience is integrated into the teaching.

Today, it is commonplace for managers to have an academic education. However, it is not stipulated that this must be an economic education. Many technicians, lawyers, computer scientists, natural scientists or humanities graduates end up in positions where they have to take on management tasks for which they were inadequately prepared in their training. In addition to specific specialist knowledge, knowledge of economic interrelationships becomes increasingly important the higher you climb the career ladder.  At the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, we offer you the MBA as a part-time, academic short course in which you acquire precisely this essential knowledge.

Upon successful completion, the academic degree "Master of Business Administration (MBA)" is awarded.

The personnel focus also enables you to make well-founded personnel decisions. This makes you particularly valuable to your company.

In particular, the degree program trains students to assume responsibility for personnel at middle management level. Future skills in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence are taught just as naturally as basic business management skills.

The admission requirements for our MBA Global Management/HR consist on the one hand of a first academic degree from a degree program of at least six semesters (Diplom, B. Sc., B. A. or equivalent) and on the other hand of qualified practical professional experience, usually not less than one year.

You can apply for the summer semester from December 1. The summer semester begins on March 1; lectures start in mid-March.
Enrollment at the university is possible until February 1 (summer semester).

The complete Master of Business Administration course in standard study time costs 6,960 euros. 1,740 euros must be paid before the start of each semester. In addition, there are material purchase fees and the semester fee (contribution to the student body, social contribution, semester (VRR) and NRW ticket). All information can be found in our fee schedule and in the enrollment documents.

Important note: You can deduct the tuition fees from your personal tax return. Depending on the federal state, there are also worthwhile funding opportunities.

Our attendance times are exclusively on Saturdays. You will always receive the specific timetable for the MBA course in advance. At the beginning of each course, you will receive the study materials in our learning management system "moodle". The online courses take place during the week in the evenings. The lecturers agree the times with the students at the beginning of the semester in order to ensure maximum participation.
The lectures are not structured as traditional lectures (frontal teaching), but contain interactive elements, exercises, presentations or group work.

Attendance is only compulsory for face-to-face examinations. Our face-to-face courses are an offer that you can use, but do not have to. In general, face-to-face events are more effective than learning at home alone, because the direct application of what you have learned and the immediate social contact promotes the absorption of knowledge and the acquisition of skills.

However, we also know that studying for an MBA part-time can be very challenging, especially if you have a long journey to get there. That's why we focus on flexibility and hybrid forms of teaching: In addition to face-to-face teaching on Saturdays, the module-related events take place online during the week in the evenings. We also provide you with complete materials for self-study.

If your professional or private life prevents you from attending the courses regularly, you also have the option of reducing the workload and extending your studies accordingly.

There is a good mix of examination types. The examinations can include assignments, oral examinations, group projects and learning diaries as well as traditional written examinations. This means that the hot exam phase does not come at the end of the semester. The workload is spread over the entire semester and is therefore easier to manage. This will also help you to balance your studies and career.

Have you discovered a teaching area or topic that particularly interests you during your MBA studies? Get in touch with your lecturers. Of course, we can also help you find a suitable supervisor for your Master's thesis. This supervisor will be at your side for the entire duration of your thesis. You can determine the topic of your thesis yourself in consultation with the lecturer. Whether you meet with your supervisor on site or make personal contact digitally should be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Our online teaching and learning platform 'moodle' is our central learning management system. Here you can view and download the content of the individual modules. You can also exchange ideas with other students or discuss subject content. You can also get in personal contact with your lecturers here. In our entire study program, moodle is the most important information platform for our students.

Are you unable to attend the face-to-face events and would like to ask your lecturer questions about the subject? Arrange a session via our secure communication program Webex and get in personal contact!

A part-time degree, regardless of the route taken, is highly valued by employers. It signals your high level of commitment, your ability to work under pressure, your ambition and your successful time management. Added to this are the professional qualifications you gain through a university degree and the key qualifications you acquire through such a degree. All of this predestines you to take on management tasks.


Anyone who is passionate and committed to studying and working is in good hands at HRW. Because people who want to develop their potential are supported here. This applies regardless of their gender or their social, ethnic or cultural background. What counts for us is the willingness to surpass oneself. That's what we mean by "Never stop growing!"

The Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences, founded in 2009, is well established in the Ruhr region. We are a small university with atmosphere, we know our students, who are not just a number. If you have individual problems, we will help you find a personalized solution. And what applies to students also applies to lecturers. We talk to each other and exchange ideas. This supports consistently high quality through informal and formal settings.

Our young age also encourages innovation. You will find modern facilities and motivated teaching staff at Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences. As a state university, we are also committed above all to the quality of teaching. Employers appreciate this, because grades at our university also reflect actual performance.

We offer you the best of both worlds - you take part in our events at the HRW Campus Mülheim and can enjoy the benefits of direct communication and working together on group tasks without technical hurdles. You integrate your independent learning and study times into your everyday life. The study time will be challenging, but manageable.

Further information on the collaborative study program can be found in the following explanatory videos.