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benefit and get involved!

Network with alumni and professors, promote your career and actively contribute your skills to students and the HRW.

You are a part of the HRW!

Dear alumni,

We would like to continue to accompany and support you after your time at Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences. Sign up to stay in touch with us and with each other and benefit from a committed network.

Alum... - what?

The term alumni (m., sing.: alumnus) or alumnae (w., sing.: alumna) has Latin roots and means "pupil" or "nourished one". In the past, foster children and pupils at convent schools were referred to as alumni. Over time, the term evolved to refer to graduates of a university or similar educational institution, as they also benefit from their "alma mater" (nurturing mother) and her care. To simplify matters, the term "alumni" has become established in the terminology used to refer to several graduates.

Reasons for joining the HRW Alumni network?

Expand your professional and personal horizons, discover unexpected opportunities and create valuable relationships. An active network opens up professional opportunities and information exchange. Benefit from the knowledge, information and experience of individual members and broaden your understanding. Boost your professional development, improve your communication skills and gain more self-confidence and perhaps even new friendships.


In addition to networking opportunities, we are developing a range of services from which you can benefit both personally and professionally. This includes information on industries and trends, further education and training, support with career issues and commitment to students and your HRW. Do you have ideas or would you like to get involved? We look forward to hearing from you!


Share valuable insights, advice and experiences from your time at university and your career start. Your stories can inspire! Help students overcome challenges and choose their career path, reflect on your own successes and sharpen your knowledge and skills. Expand educational opportunities for students through financial support. Contribute to the development of the next generation.


Benefit from the advantages of maintaining contact with HRW to strengthen your position and your career. Recruit talent for your organisation at an early stage, gain access to the latest research results, technologies and innovative ideas, enable the sharing of knowledge and the development of your business and promote the social responsibility of your company.